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Takumi TT-1K High Grade All Solid Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele


This beautiful handmade Japanese ukulele uses the finest grade all solid koa for the top, back and sides - which alone looks phenomenal. Add in the red tortoiseshell style binding to set things off and it is even more stunning. This tenor ukulele also features very thin ebony and maple purfling, materials that also used for the soundhole decoration. With top drawer ebony used for the fingerboard, everything is place for this world class uke.

Takumi ukuleles are made by a builder with over fifty years of experience in instrument making - with clients including Richie Blackmore of Deep Purple. So sought after is his work that the company closely guard his identity! But lets just say, this guy knows how to build ukuleles!

This beautifully balanced ukuleles have a 37mm nut width and generous string spacing that makes even complicated chord shapes a breeze. It is fitted with Fremont clear fluorocarbon strings, which have a nice tension that allows bending and vibrato techniques to great effect. The action is great too, making the whole neck extremely accessible. Planetary geared Gotoh UPT pegs - the best in the business, complete a very playable package.

Describing the sound is difficult. For at least ten minutes, I couldn't put the uke down. I just continued to play, with 99% of my brain concentrating on the wonderful sound - and 1% wondering if it was possible to play and type at the same time (clue - it wasn't!).

Chords ring and ring with wonderful sustain, with huge volume when called up, and a gorgeous, delicate nature when you dial down your strumming power. Pick the TT-1K and its sweet edged tone swells with warmth. It is beyond lovely!

The Takumi TT-1K comes with a top class rectangular hard case to keep this, which will become a prized possession, safe. Two black strap buttons have been fitted since the photos!

Click additional info below for a Takumi TT-1K tenor ukulele video demo.

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