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Kala KA-SSEBY-B-CE Solid Top Electro Baritone Ukulele


Kala Ukulele are getting ever longer with their model names, with this KA-SSEBY-B-CE standing for Kala Solid Spruce Ebony Baritone Cutaway Electro. It is a nice example of Kala's drive to improve the quality they offer, together with filling in the gaps for prospective players - in this case with a cutaway electro bari, which are thin on the ground.

Thin is not something you'd say of the sound though, which is rich as a result of the large body and DGBE strings, but with some punch and strong trebles too as a result of the Aquila strings and solid spruce top.

The uke also has very pretty striped ebony laminate on the back and sides, mahogany binding and some really striking, impressive looking black and white, multi-layered purfling and soundhole rosette.

The specification doesn't end there, with a Fishman Kula pre-amp and pickup, for my money, the best of these mid-range factory fitted kits. I've heard them played in large venues and they do the trick.

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