New World of Ukes Exclusive aNueNue Model in Production

We'll soon have the prototypes for a concert and tenor size World of Ukes exclusive model, based on the Moon Bird series, but stripped back a little in terms of decoration - making them more affordable while still sounding great.


To be the first to get news on completion, and get early bird pre-order offers on this limited edition exclusive, complete the form below.


60 Days, 60 New Ukulele Models, 60 Discounts & Offers

Starting 27th June, 2018, I'll be listing 60 new ukulele models that I'm adding to my range. Each day, I'll add a new ukulele and a new offer to this page! (OK, so, not every day, but regularly until there's 60 offers)

Check back daily for the new deals or see them on our Facebook Page. Offers are listed below the picture.


OFFER 1 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS1

Imua ITG-C5 Solid Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele - £150 OFF


OFFER 2 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS2

Cordoba 20SM Solid Mahogany Top Soprano Ukulele - 15% OFF

OFFER 3 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS3

Kala KA-15SS Spruce Soprano Starter Ukulele - FREE PADDED GIG BAG (Please note - bag doesn't appear on invoice but will be included in the package)

OFFER 4 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS3

Baton Rouge V2-T6 6-String Tenor Ukulele - FREE PADDED GIG BAG (Please note - bag doesn't appear on invoice but will be included in the package)

OFFER 5 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS5

Kala KA-SPT-SC Electro Tenor, with Fishman PRO-MAK-INF pickup - £120 OFF (Please note - allow a few days before dispatch while pickup is fitted).

OFFER 6 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS6

Snail SR-05T Solid Top Tenor Ukulele - £25 OFF

OFFER 7 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS7

Ohana CK-50MG Concert Ukulele with Deluxe Hard Case - £50 OFF

OFFER 8 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS8

Cordoba 22B Baritone Ukulele - 10% OFF


OFFER 9 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS9

Kiwaya KSU-1L Long Neck Soprano Ukulele - FREE SNARK TUNER (Please note - the Snark will not show up on your invoice, but WILL be included).

OFFER 10 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS10

Kiwaya KS-4PG Pineapple Concert Ukulele - £30 OFF

OFFER 11 - Discount Code to use at the checkout - 60DAYS11

Ohana TK-39 Vintage Style Tenor Ukulele - 10% OFF

UKE Magazine Issue 14 Competition - Win a Freshman Ukulele


You can win a Freshman Bocote Ukulele with UKE Magazine!

To win the ukulele, enter the competition by 1 August, 2018...

Freshman Competition Prize - Small Blog.jpg
Name *
Which Member of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain was once a roadie for Frank Zappa?
Tick one box only!
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Nobody else will ever receive your e-mail address. You can still win if you don't want to opt in! If you say no, your e-mail address will only be used to contact you if you win.

UKE Magazine April 2018 Song Contest

song contest

April Ukulele Song Contest!

UKE Magazine has teamed up with Logjam to offer a song competition inspired by the theme of Spring! The competition will be judged by the three members of The League Of Ukulele Gentlemen, and entries must be in by the end of April 2018.

On offer to the winner is fantastic Logjam Travelog stompbox, giving you rhythm while you strum! The winner will also receive a care kit for your new instrument, plus it will be personalised with your name!


* To enter, record your song on video and send an email or private message with a link (preferred), or post it to the UKE Magazine page. It will be featured/shared to the main UKE Magazine Facebook page in due course.

* Worldwide entries allowed - but the Logjam prize can only be sent in the UK. In the event the winner is from outside the UK, the winner will get a year's UKE Magazine subscription, and the stompbox will go to a UK runner-up.

* Original songs and covers are allowed, but must have a connection to the theme of 'spring'. The judges have final say on whether the song fits the theme!

* All recordings MUST be made for this competition - entering something previously recorded is not allowed.

* All recordings MUST mention the video is for this competition, either spoken at the beginning of the video, or mentioned in a caption.

* Your video can, but doesn't have to feature you playing and singing.

* No instrumentals for this competition please - it's too hard to say they connect with the theme.

* Other instruments are allowed but videos must feature ukulele prominently.

* Groups can enter, but only one prize is given.

*Closing date 30 April 2018

* The judges decision is final

Issue 13 - Competition

For Issue 13's competition, you can win a Bohemian Oil Can ukulele. To do so, you'll need to download and print 'Mr Parbulele', the mascot of the Parbold-based ukulele festival. Details of how to win are in the magazine, which can be ordered from the magazine shop.

Click the image below to open an A4 pdf which you print or save to your device.

Issue 13 - Pachelbel's Canon Arrangement

In Issue 13 of UKE Magazine, I have shared an arrangement of Pachelbel's canon. While you can play it at any speed you fancy, and interchange the different sections as you wish - this is how the original version would sound if you stick rigidly to my arrangement.

You can order Issue 13 here -

Kala Elite USA Made Ukes - 35% Discount


These handmade all solid Hawaiian koa ukuleles from the USA are rich-sounding, neatly made and very playable instruments, with a wide neck that gives you more space for your fingers.

We have 5 different models available with this discount. USE THE DISCOUNT CODE MATTISFORTY at the checkout to activate the discount!

Kala 1KOA-SG Elite Soprano – Gloss - WAS £949 - with discount £616.85

Kala 1KOA-C Elite Concert Ukulele – Natural - WAS £899 - with discount £584.35

Kala 1KOA-CG Elite Concert Ukulele – Gloss - WAS £1,029 - with discount £668.85

Kala 1KOA-T Elite Tenor Ukulele – Natural - WAS £949 - with discount £616.85

Kala 1KOA-TG Elite Tenor Ukulele – Gloss - WAS £1,099 - with discount £714.35

Imua Ukuleles Back In Stock - Just Look At These Beauties!

Imua Ukuleles Back In Stock - Some of the most beautiful ukuleles in the world!

Wow. Sometimes a package of ukuleles arrives from a supplier and all you can do is let out a little whimper of happiness as you unpack each one! That was the case with this shipment of Imua ukes from Hawaii. Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words...

A selection of the Imua ukuleles in stock at World of Ukes

Imua ukuleles, all made from superb quality Hawaiian koa.

Just look at the body of this Imua iCG-C5 Concert Ukulele

A tenor cutaway uke has also arrived, wow!

We've had chambered body Imua tenor electros in before, but not with gloss finish and koa top - even more beautiful than before.

Imua's fantastic long neck soprano ukulele and traditional Hawaiian soprano uke are now both back in stock too.

UKE Magazine Awards - The Winners

Over the last few months, UKE Magazine has run a series of awards - using a public vote to determine the winners. Instead of prizes, we chose to donate to the charity of the winner's choice, so you'll see the good causes they selected too...

A full run down of the winners is also available in print in Issue 9 of UKE Magazine, the UK's dedicated magazine for ukulele players -


World of Ukes Store Open - Retail Premises & Online!

Some of the finest ukuleles in the world are now on display in a dedicated, boutique showroom - based in Carlisle. World of Ukes officially opened on 22nd September, with a launch party attended by Dead Mans Uke, The Mersey Belles and Liam Capper-Starr.

As well as the showroom, a new online store allows customers to purchase the exclusive ukes on offer. You can look for soprano ukuleles, concert ukuleles, tenor ukuleles or baritones & basses right now if you wish!

 A selection of pictures from the World of Ukes ukulele store launch party!

A selection of pictures from the World of Ukes ukulele store launch party!


As you can see here, Jake Shimabukuro, the famous ukulele virtuoso is still reading Issue 3. Nothing wrong with that as it featured the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain amongst many other things! BUT, he'll soon be reading our next issue, which is at the printers. It will be ready for release at the end of the first week of December. That's when you can get your hands on Issue 4, which features the aforementioned Jake on the cover, with interviews with the Mersey Belles, Bill Collings and stacks more stuff inside. 


Well, we've known for a long time that UKE Magazine readers were discerning and sophisticated! And what more proof is needed than this shot of Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain members enjoying a quick read before going on stage. The cover stars of Issue 3 certainly look fascinated, and why not? As well as their own in-depth interview there are instrument reviews, interviews with ukulele makers, competitions and much more!


It is here! September's Issue 3 has arrived and subscription copies are in the mail! Landing on doorsteps will be our fabulous, full colour magazine, featuring an in-depth interview with the Director of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, George Hinchliffe. UKE Magazine has the honour of an exclusive feature on the Orchestra as they celebrate their 30th birthday!

There's plenty of gear to size up too, with our in-depth concert electro reviews, as well as a roundup of all the top stuff as chosen by a ukulele dealer. Those wanting to progress in their technique will welcome the return of Phil Doleman and Ben Rouse, as their ukulele tabs seek to push our technique ever forwards! 

As ever, we at UKE Magazine are delighted with the public response to this fully independent publication. From the subscribers to those who have given across-the-board 5-star reviews, we couldn't make this magazine without your input and support. We're really thankful that together, we can continue to make this magazine a success.



The third issue of UKE Magazine is in production, with a release date at the beginning of September! This promises to be an exciting issue, as we team up with the fabulous Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain to celebrate their 30th anniversary! Orchestra Director George Hinchliffe talks at length on the origins of the ensemble, their years of touring and plans for the future. The UOGB feature will be a two-part special, with more to come on The Ukes in December!

In addition we're delighted to welcome Pete Howlett to the magazine. As you will know Pete is an exceptional luthier, who builds amazing ukes. He starts a series of features covering different tonewoods this issue. Staying on the building theme, we talk to Andy Miles, who makes tiny nano ukuleles in his shed, AND speak to the famous Japanese maker Takahiro Shimo.

There is a review of the ukulele festival scene over the summer, tunes to learn and master, reviews of rival concert electro ukuleles and input from all parts of the UK ukulele world. It is available to order straight away!