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aNueNue aNN-AKK2 Koa Concert Ukulele


Pete Howlett once wrote that ‘Koa is King’. To be fair, if Pete Howlett made something out of balsa wood it would probably be great! But certainly, when playing instruments of the class of this aNueNue custom koa concert, it is hard to argue with. The crispness of its tone, coupled with a fine bass response, the wash of mid range overtones and the singing sustain are a joy to listen to, even if you only know the C chord! Too long have Chinese made instruments been considered cheap and erratic in quality… the cream of the crop is simply fantastic quality. If you have a nation of a billion industrious people, mostly involved in making things – then by law of averages the best of the best is going to be brilliant. This aNueNue custom koa concert is brilliant.

A superb grade of curly koa has been used to create a gorgeous looking body, with that all solid tonewood body accompanied by rosewood binding and an abalone soundhole rosette. The honey-gold stained mahogany neck is a perfect match for the body, and a koa headstock cap completes what looks a very fine, natural looking instrument.

This aNueNue custom koa concert ukulele has a feature in common with a lot of their ukes, a lovely curved bridge, something that makes it stand out that little bit more. Would it not be a bridge too far for more manufacturers to show some imagination in this area? Bad puns aside, it looks pretty, and thankfully, the uke plays extremely well too – with a slick action and spacious 38mm nut width.

The strings are aNueNue’s own Clear Water fluorocarbons, which are smooth on the fingers and a slightly lower tension, making fretting nice and easy. The volume doesn’t drop off as you progress further up the neck, and the highest notes are so clearly defined and precise that you’ll want to venture all over the fretboard.

The ukulele is shipped in an included gig bag, but not just any gig bag. This thing is really fine quality, rigid on the outside, water resistant and soft and comfy on the inside. Not that your ukulele needs to be comfy in particular, but if you had massive clown feet – a pair of these gig bags would do just nicely as slippers. Whoah there! Got a bit weird there didn’t I! Let me just conclude this aNueNue custom aNN-AKK2 koa concert ukulele nice and simply: it is top class.

There are two options here, one acoustic only (as pictured), or, if you allow an extra week, you can purchase a version with a Mi-Si acoustic trio pickup, which we'll professionally fit here.


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