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aNueNue aNN UC-200 Moon Bird Concert Ukulele


If you like ukuleles, this aNueNue aNN-UC200 is something to aspire to. It is a fantastic ukulele that has foxed me in some respects, and delighted me in others. I’ll confess that when I first picked it up, I was in the middle of a number of ukulele reviews, and had written thousands of words in that session, all about the merits of some particularly lovely ukes. I got this aNueNue bird series concert ukulele out of its custom blue hard case and started to tune it up. It seemed in tune with itself but several notes too low, so on went a clip on tuner. This is where I was really surprised, it was there on the little digital screen, perfectly correct in GCEA. Yes the depth of tone and incredible bass response had baffled me into thinking it was several tones below its proper tuning.

Now I love my ukuleles, but even I, after five straight hours of writing about the instrument can suffer a little ukulele fatigue. But the aNueNue aNN-UC200 Bird Series was like a shot in the arm. Pure love of ukulele coursed through my veins again. I’ll confess that I played a few chords and let out a whimper. I picked a little melody and laughed in amazement. I then wandered from room to room at World of Ukes headquarters playing this amazing concert ukulele with a real swing in my step. It is utterly, utterly stunning – one of the finest of the many ukes I’ve ever played. Before it was sent to me, aNueNue had told me this series was the best they’d ever made. Well, it must be up there with the absolute best of the best of the best because it is an utter joy!

The pale spruce top is beautifully contrasted by a dark chocolate brown solid rosewood back and sides, with rosewood binding interestingly shaped to encroach onto the top to give a lovely effect. This, together with the offset soundhole decoration, gives the aNueNue aNN-UC200 a wonderfully fluid look, while the unusual nature of it only increases with the striking cutaway design. A series of inlaid wood fretboard markers, when viewed in series, play out the phases of the moon. A dark, gloss headstock cap adds to the aesthetic appeal of a true beauty of a ukulele.

A triple crown of playability wins exists too, with a nice shallow neck profile, low action and 36mm nut width. I play a tenor normally, but aside from a slightly shorter scale, it was indistinguishable to play – challenging the notion I am a ‘tenor man’. To be honest, if they gave me one of these, I’d be anyone’s man! Add in nice slick-feeling aNueNue black water strings, which are a relatively low tension fluorocarbon, and only the lightest touch is needed to fret the instrument.

The sound booms out with gorgeous bass, while the delicate crispness of the trebles matches in a ukulele symphony. Simple chords evoke orchestras. Melodies take on an extra dimension of wonder as resonance, balance and complexity come to the fore. In the hands of a skilled player? This aNueNue aNN-UC200 is pure ukulele poetry. It made me happy, very happy.

Add in a Mi-Si pickup option, if you choose, and you'll be blown away with a fantastic electro concert. (It takes us a few extra days to fit this... being VERY careful!)


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