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aNueNue aNN-UC3K Bird Series Koa Concert Ukulele


If ukuleles can get much better than this aNueNue aNN-UC3K, then it is difficult to understand how. This beauty looks like it was made by the gods, plays like a dream and sounds like, like… like virtually nothing else. It is, as they say in Scotland, pure dead brilliant. What a wondrous, deep, exotic and fulsome tone it has! This was a ukulele that was taken out of its blue, hard shell case, strummed once and caused me a sharp intake of breath. A single chord was all it took to convince me I had something very special in my hands, very special indeed.

Obviously, I progressed on further than a single chord, moving up down the neck, plucking harmonics, chopping out chords, playing some gentle melodies then picking some triumphant classical pieces. The only thing that made me put it down was the knowledge that if I didn’t, before long it would end up second hand! Master grade Hawaiian koa that has such gorgeous figuring it is as if it is a 3D image. If it had eyes, it would follow you around the room, such is the intricacy and curl of its exotic grain.

Rosewood binding looks great against the all solid koa of the aNueNue aNN-UC3K, bending over the sides and onto the top in an unusual and highly original way. The bird series ukuleles all have a signature offset soundhole wooden ring which brings to mind the moon, even more so when you see the moon phases that play out as the stunning fretboard markers.

The sound is wonderful, but even the less romantic things, like the aNueNue black water fluorocarbon strings and super high quality Gotoh planetary geared pegs are joyous. The curves of the bridge are lovely. The gloss finish is perfection, no more so than on the jet black faceplate on the headstock. Everything about this ukulele screams quality, luxury and frankly, happiness.

That happiness manifests itself in an astonishingly deep and rich tone. With crisp, clear highs ringing out against a warm background, it is as if you’re playing two ukes at once. The sustain rings out so well, it will probably still be singing when you put it back in the case. That’s if you can put it back.

I used to think there was a law of diminishing returns with ukes. That the more you paid, the smaller the differences between instruments. The huge gulf between a £50 uke and one at £150 would never be as large as those north of a thousand pounds, for the same differentiation. But this aNueNue aNN-UC3K changed all that. It is just light years ahead. Amazing, simply amazing! Never play one of these on a boat as it’ll blow you out of the water. Scuba diving with it is out, as it’ll take your breath away.


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