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aNueNue ASOS Series aNN-AMM2 Concert Ukulele - New 2019 Design


This aNN-AMM2 is the new, 2019 model. It now has a larger body than the very petite concert body on the previous version (normal size now, as opposed to small before!), and a slotted headstock. It is still everything described below but with even more volume!

There’s a reason that mahogany is a commonly used tonewood for ukuleles, and it is tempting to say that all of that history has been leading up to the development of this, the aNueNue aNN-AMM2. This all solid African mahogany concert ukulele is sublime, tempting me to think of it like an evolution of the uke, ukulele Darwinism if you like. This instrument must certainly be at the top of the food chain. It is simply fantastic.

When it comes to looks, yes it is very nice indeed. There are some good touches, like an abalone soundhole rosette and rosewood binding. The aNueNue ‘dancing man’ logo is nicely inlaid in a very attractive rosewood headstock faceplate. And not forgetting the fantastic quality mahogany, stained nice and dark, which looks gorgeous under an impeccable gloss finish. The rosewood fingerboard is nicely curved next to the soundhole, a curve matched by the interestingly shaped bridge (incidentally, a refreshing change from the ubiquitous rectangle). But really, all of these aesthetic features are very much secondary to the way this lovely aNN-AMM2 ukulele sounds.

Often ukulele manufacturer websites aren’t the best place to look for a balanced opinion of what a ukulele is like. And the giant retailers tend to repeat this information too. When you read on Amazon that a £20 ukulele will ‘whisk you away to a Hawaiian beach’, or a manufacturer claims their Flying V shape ukulele is musical perfection, it is wise to be guarded. But, having played this aNueNue aNN-AMM2 concert, I can see plenty of truth in the statements on the manufacturer’s site in this case. It points out that their ASOS series was over a year in development, with different bracing systems researched by their master luthier. And claims, correctly in my view, that they’ve come up with a deeper, richer, more expressive and dynamic ukulele than many before them. Ok, they’re confident in their product but goodness me, I’ve tried it and they’ve every right to be! Wow!

The aNueNue aNN-AMM concert is so fantastic to hold, with hardly any weight. It seems to float in your arms. The 36mm nut width and shallow neck profile feel very comfortable too, with a low action coming into the mix for a lovely playing experience. And the sound is amazing, really warm, yet incredibly articulate. It is perfect for playing with expression. It is perfect for picking, and it individual notes sing loud and clear. It is great for chords which ring loudly and boldly, but with subtle overtones.

This uke is supplied with an aNueNue gig bag. Not just an ordinary bag, this smart black affair is soft on the inside and rigid on the outside, offering excellent protection with a fraction of the weight of a hard case.

I like the aNueNue aNN-AMM2 very much, you may be able to tell. It is a ukulele that excites me. Get one. Get three! You’ll love it.


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