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Baton Rouge V2-C Concert Ukulele


Baton Rouge make ukuleles that are reasonably priced, but exceed the expectations for instruments at their price level. Consistently, their models sound better than the many other competitors in their price bracket. That is certainly true of this Baton Rouge V2-C concert ukulele, which features a slightly arched back - which seems to take the ‘edge’ of the slightly tinny tone that some inexpensive laminate instruments have, lending a little more warmth to the tone.

With a relatively small body, a uke’s sound can lack, for want of a better term, body! Having sold ukuleles for many years, what customers often look for as they buy more and more expensive instruments are ukuleles with a warmth and depth that defies their small size. Of course a dreadnought guitar will have a deep tone - that’s natural for that body size, but with a uke, the smaller size can lead to a thin sound. Not so with this Baton Rouge.

For this sort of money you can get other instruments which looks smarter. Glossier, or with more ‘bling’. These come at a cost and you tend to trade off against the sound - which has to be the most important factor when choosing a uke. That said, although the V2-C concert is fairly plain, it is smartly done, with a matt finish and a laminate mahogany body that has a nice visible grain, together with some nice touches like the laser cut effect around the soundhole and headstock logo.

It is fitted with Aquila strings which are naturally fairly bright, proving a good partner for the warmth of the arched body to give a nice, balanced tone. It has open geared tuners and a walnut fingerboard and bridge, part of an overall package that is sensibly priced and a good notch above the average.

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