Concert Ukuleles

Cordoba 15CM-E Sunburst Concert Electro Ukulele


This is a very impressively priced concert ukulele with passive pickup. Before getting onto the fact that you can plug it into an amp, it’s important to note that first and foremost, it has a really impressive tone as an acoustic instrument. It is really perky and loud - not loud without balance, but just a nice, rounded and well projected tone.

The satin finish is very nice and tidy, while the sunburst finish is also looks smart. Sometimes you find inexpensive ukes have, understandably, a few finish flaws… but this Cordoba 15CM-E is really well finished. With geared tuners, Aquila strings, abalone soundhole decoration and ABS binding means everything works well and looks good. In fact, the only criticism I have is the official description saying the full, rich sound comes from the all mahogany construction - while in fact is is a laminate uke. Not that that matters to much, because the description of a full rich sound is really accurate.

The passive pickup is ok, with an even tone across the four strings. Really the advantage again is without the pickup it is already good value. With it, it is a steal!

With cheaper ukes like this, it is sometimes possible to save a few pounds here and there if you shop around BUT, I can guarantee that they’ll be personally inspected and set up before they leave World of Ukes. Surely worth it for the peace of mind this brings.

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