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Kai KCI-5000 All Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele


Kai is a newer brand to the ukulele market, but one which is making waves with their great quality, fine looking and very well priced instruments. With an explosion of new brands in recent times, it was inevitable that some would rise to the top of the pile (although most, sadly, remain on the bottom!)

They're imported by Stones Music, who also bring in Risa, Magic Fluke and Baton Rouge - so from a knowedgable source. And very nice they are too, with better spec and sound than many rivals at a similar price. The KCI-5000 is a lovely, gloss-finished, all solid acacia model, with a very fine and interesting grain. The wood comes to the fore, with only a neat abalone soundhole decoration and subtle mango binding to highlight its beauty.

The Kai KCI-5000 has a fantastic looking, well-executed slotted headstock. This is fitted with quality geared tuners, with a larger than normal cog, which makes the tuning more rapid than regular models. The 35mm ebony fingerboard is jet black and smooth (OK, maybe it is ebony black...), and there's a side soundhole port which directs the lovely tone up towards the player... if they're right handed!

The tone is a mixture of all things, tight trebles and some rich depth in a melting pot of loveliness. It is a great all rounder, with plenty of volume and sustain. The D'addario Titanium strings don't feel too taught and are good for bending and vibrato too.

The Kai KCI-5000 is very pretty, with a sound to match, and comes in a really good quality gig bag too.

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