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Kai KCI-700 Solid Cedar Top Concert Ukulele


I'm a bit late to the party listing this Kai KCI-700 concert ukulele. Why? It simply wouldn't stay around long enough in the store for me to get it photographed. Whenever a customer would come in with a budget that included this solid cedar top uke, looking for advice, this would be the first I'd go to. Once this really playable, gorgeous looking uke was in the customer's hands, that would be it - a new owner was found.

Kai might be a newer name to many, but it is brought into the UK by Stones Music, who also import Risa, Magic Fluke and Baton Rouge. Mark, who runs Stones, is a friend of mine and has been a ukulele fan for many, many years, since black and white days (just a little dig in case he's reading this!) Anyway, he has an eye for great ukes and this brand makes great ukes.

The level of finish is really high, with a stunning gloss finish on the body, with exotic looking red padauk binding, an interesting inlay on the fingerboard and an abalone soundhole rosette. The Kai KCI-700 also has a side soundhole, which really lets you hear the rich, sweet tone. The back and sides are laminate bocote, which really glows under the gloss. Lovely.

The KCI-700 concert has a 35mm nut and regular-feeling neck profile. Nothing at all to dislike in the way it plays. It has good quality geared tuners and smooth feeling fluorocarbon strings.

It even comes with a good quality gig bag, only adding to the already fantastic value.

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