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Kala KA-C Concert Ukulele


The Kala KA-C concert has been a stalwart of the ukulele scene for years. Known as a good quality, neatly made serious beginner instrument, with a nice tone for the price.

You can get cheaper instruments to begin with, but this is a known quantity that has guided many many people on their ukulele journey. It has nothing about it that could put you off - it plays nicely and sounds well balanced, loud and really quite sweet. It will also not disappoint a more experienced player as a backup uke, or one to keep in the boot for your travels.

The Kala KA-C has a laminate mahogany body, which has some nice streaky grain in it, with cream ABS binding which looks smart. This concert uke has smooth-turning closed geared tuners and Aquila strings.

I've had a look at some listings that say this uke has a stunning finish, has a lush, warm tone and that it is suitable for professionals. Well... that's stretching it. But, it is a solid option, reliable, and understandably has been a best seller since its introduction in 2005.

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