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Kiwaya KPC-1K All Solid Koa Concert Ukulele


The Kiwaya KPC-1K arrived in stock and I eagerly opened the box. In some ways I wish I hadn't. You see, I've been on the look out for a concert ukulele for some time and had managed, with some difficultly, to resist. I'd got good at resisting and let my guard down when I tried out this beautifully gloss finished all solid Hawaiian koa instrument - which instantly grabbed me with its smooth but clear tone. A bit like a balding, male Cindarella, the shoe just fit. Except it isn't a shoe (best to make these things clear). Anyway, if felt perfect in my hands (as opposed to my foot).

Now, I have particular taste and am a big fan of Japanese made ukules like the KPC-1K. I love a light, carefully built instrument, with a 36mm nut width and a relatively thin neck profile. So, I can't promise that it would be the perfect ukulele for everyone, but I can promise that I love it. In fact, by the end of the day I had another one on order. One for me.

This new, updated model has a lovely ebony fingerboad, set up with a great action so even with relatively high tension Worth Brown fluorocarbon strings are a breeze to fret. The Gotoh geared tuners are very high quality too and while tuning be fun, it is with these.

I shall enjoy the dreamy tone of this Kiwaya for many years to come.

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