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Lanikai MAS-CEC All Solid Mahogany Concert Electro Ukulele


This is an all solid mahogany, gloss finish electro concert ukulele from Lanikai, the MAS-CEC model.

Lanikai are an interesting brand, at one point making a range of ukes that were inexpensive but really decent for the price. They tried to anticipate the change in the market and switched some years ago to making expensive instruments, often in Hawaii. However, they're now back in the middle ground, making good quality ukuleles aimed at those looking to step up from beginner instruments.

The MAS-CEC is at the top of this new Lanikai range, with a nicely shaped cutaway and a wide nut, at 37.4mm, which makes the fingerboard nice and spacious. It is fitted with D'Addario EK88 strings, which are quite punchy - again a background of richness delivered by the solid mahogany.

Other features include a walnut fingerboard and bridge, postition markers, chrome strap buttons, a Nubone nut and saddle and Grover geared tuners. In addition, there's a Fishman Kula preamp, which delivers a great tone from the undersaddle pickup.

On the amplified performance, Fishman have produced a good quality system in the Kula - which I've witnessed played to great effect by uke artist Mike Haysom. Have a listen to his playing at the Ukulele Festival of Scotland, by clicking additional info below, to listen for yourself.

The MAS-CEC from Lanikai comes in toughened foam pod case.

Confusingly, there's another model called the MA-CEC, which is lower in price - and some sellers are listing the wrong one. So just to be clear, this is the all solid gloss MAS-CEC!

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