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Maestro UC-CO All Solid Concert Ukulele


This is beautiful, high end concert ukulele with a great mix of top quality materials, fine craftsmanship, stunning looks, great tone and amazing playability.

The softwood / hardwood combination is a classic one, giving a great dynamic range. The solid cedar top gives a lovely sweetness, with fine balance across the strings - while the exotic and gorgeous looking solid cocobolo back and sides help really project that sweetness forward with volume and sustain.

The cedar and cocobolo contrast very nicely, with the latter having a very strong light and dark grain, plus a fantastic heartwood section on the back that looks amazing! There is abalone purfling all around the body, the soundhole rosette and in the palm tree fretboard decoration. The UC-CO also features beautiful maple binding, which seamlessly blends into the comfort edge, and continues up both sides of the high grade ebony fingerboard.

Although the fretboard doesn't have position markers, ebony dots clearly show the 5th, 7th and 12th frets against the maple binding. As well as the low action, slightly radiused frets almost make the uke feel like the frets are pushing up towards your fingers - such is the absolute ease of playing this Maestro concert.

One change from the standard specification is the addition of World of Ukes Clarity strings, smooth-feeling fluorocarbon strings which emphasise the natural sweetness of the uke. When strummed, there's a nice depth to the sound, while picking brings out melodies with real clarity (that's right, I named the strings for a reason!)

While it looks stunning and sounds great, if you had to choose a highlight for the Maestro UC-CO, it would be the fantastic playability - one of the easiest playing instruments I've ever had my fingers on!

It also comes with a seriously high quality brown vintage leather effect hard case.

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