Concert Ukuleles

Magic Fluke M90W-FLYE Concert Electro Banjo Ukulele

359.00 389.00

This is a fabulous, all American banjolele, with a sweet, rich uke banjo tone. There's something about this concert banjo uke that really delivers a mellowness not really associated with the instrument. Sure, it sounds like a banjolele - but far less strident than they can be - with a gentler, softer 'edge' to the attack.

It can still pack plenty of volume and there's that signature banjolele 'twang' going on, just with an easy-to-carry, lightweight feel, a low action and a nice wide neck. This custom model also has a high quality, American-made passive pickup - so you can go directly from the Firefly to an amp or mixing desk.

This is the walnut model, which also sports robust friction tuners, D'addario Nylteh strings and an easy playing vintage tone.

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