Concert Ukuleles

Ohana CK-14CL Cynthia Lin Signature Concert Ukulele


Ohana's CK-14CL concert ukulele is a collaboration with YouTube sensastion, ukulele teacher and performer from the USA, Cynthia Lin. Together they've put together a nice looking serious beginner / improver instrument.

While there are plenty of other options in this price bracket, there are some thoughtful and practical touches, such as the fitted Worth strings, and good quality Grover open back geared tuners. While Aquila strings, fitted to the majority of Ohana ukes, are perfectly good, the brightness and harmonic qualities of these Worths are are good touch that can only encourage those wanting to improve. The bone nut and saddle give a little extra sustain too.

The ukulele is made from laminate mahogany, at a price where it is possible to get lower-end solid top ukes - but it is well put together, with a pleasing bright tone which is well balanced across the strings. It is a uke that disproves the 'solid is always best' mantra that you'll read elsewhere. Good laminates are good laminates. To me, if it made of cheese and sounds good, never mind (plus, it would be handy if you're playing and ever need a snack).

Visual extras include a floral inlay on the fingerboard (don't worry, it has side markers on the neck), black and white purlfling and soundhole rosette, black binding and a Cynthia Lin signature headstock.

The uke comes with a decent quality gig bag.

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