Concert Ukuleles

Ohana CK-28 Nunes Style All Solid Mahogany Concert Ukulele


This is a great reproduction of the Dias designed Nunes ukulele, characterised by its very thin 'waist', and the authentic looking rope style binding. Another feature of this design was the fingerboard, which is flush to the body. This has plus points and minuses, in that the top is more resonant as a result, but does reduce the number of frets you have at your disposal. If you rarely venture up to the dusty end, you'll be more interested in that extra resonance!

The body is all solid mahogany, and the sound is nicely balanced across the strings. It has surprising volume for such a petite body, and is particularly strong in the 'treble zone', with a nice brightness that sits against some mahogany fullness in the background.

Like the majority of Ohana ukuleles, it is fitted with Aquila strings, which are quite lively and loud. It also has good, but simple friction pegs.

The CK-28 concert by Ohana is a nice looking option, that delivers well on the sound front, for those looking for some a little different to add to their collection.

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