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Ohana CK-35GCE All Solid Mahogany Concert Electro Ukulele


The Ohana CK-35GCE is a gloss finish, cutaway electro concert ukulele. The body is all solid mahogany, ideal for those who are adverse to lots of decoration, while still being attractive with some lovely wood grain. This understated look is complimented by dark, rosewood binding, which also appears on the headstock cap.

With tone and volume controls, and a built-in tuner, there's a Belcat active pre-amp and undersaddle pickup, allowing you to plug in and play. The tone from the mahogany is understandably on the warmer side, while the Aquila strings fitted deliver an ample amount of punch to the treble end of the spectrum.

The uke has a comfortable neck profile, fairly shallow, which makes reaching the frets nice and easy - while the 35mm nut doesn't seem at all crowded.

The CK-35GCE is a nice little uke, from Ohana's longstanding and popular all solid mahogany gloss series. It is good value for the specification you get so it is understandable why is has been popular.

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