Concert Ukuleles

Ohana CK-39 All Solid Mahogany Vintage Style Concert Ukulele


I first saw this matt-finish uke at the Winchester Ukulele Festival, where the fantastic songwriter, Krabbers was sporting a tenor version of this concert ukulele. I was immediately taken by its looks, modelled on the old Martin 3M series of ukes. As well as the almost optical-illusion style of the maple and ebony purfling and binding, the inlaid maple decoration at the bottom was very striking, not to mention the stripes down the centre of the fingerboard.

The all solid mahogany construction is nice and light, making this a breeze to hold - as well as the advantages that thin tonewood (increased resonance) has. Aquila strings are fitted, the fingerboard and bridge are made from ovangkol and, as vintage ukes would have, a bone nut and saddle. Unlike the tenor version, the concert CK-39 is more in tune (get it!) with the vintage style with friction pegs fitted.

Having run through the spec and the looks we come to the real star of the show, the tone. This is very well balanced, with a clarity that rings true, allows melodies to strongly develop against a well balanced and rounded warmth.

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