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Ohana CK-470G Performance Series All Solid Concert Ukulele


The Ohana CK-470G is one of the company’s Performance Series instruments, produced with the guidance and requirements of touring musicians, in this case, US guitarist and ukulele player Jeff Linsky. The ukulele is made from solid spruce and solid rosewood, and it a limited edition (now rosewood is protected, these instruments have been made from pre-regulation materials, so they’re naturally limited!)

It is a great looking instrument, but it is the tone that is the real star. There’s lots of volume and a delicious clarity, with melodies coming very much to the fore. This sparkling brightness is far from over-dominant though, with a rich background to the sound that brings lovely warmth to the mix.

The 36mm bone nut is comfortable play, set up very nicely with clear fluorocarbon strings which aren’t overly high tension, helping with more advances techniques like bending and hammer-ons, as well as general play. The saddle is also bone and compensated for better intonation, while the open geared tuners are durable, clean-turning and good quality.

Under the gloss finish you can see a finely grained solid spruce top, and the rosewood binding is separated from the solid rosewood sides by a delicately thin layer of maple inlay. Around the soundhole, there’s a ring of abalone and the bevelled edge, called a ‘comfort edge’ stops you getting a red mark on your arm after extended play.

The CK-470G is sensibly priced, just a step up from many other Ohana and Kala instruments in price, with a great sound that makes the whole package very good value.

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