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Ohana CK-70A6 All Solid 6-String Concert Ukulele


The CK-70A6 is an interesting concert ukulele, a 6-string with solid spruce top and solid back and sides, made from mahogany.

There are two unusual aspects to this uke, firstly the fact it isn't a tenor ukulele - the usual format for 6-strings. And secondly, the string combinations are different to the normal 6-string set-up, although in this case, it is perhaps more 'normal' than the regular kind!

The CK-70A6 has a high G and regular high G, then a high C (an octave above your normal C), and then a regular C - both in pairs. Then a normal E and A. The result is a rich tapestry of sound, with a warm, deep sound complimented at the same time with sparkling highs, the latter accenutated by the solid spruce soundboard.

While the string arrangement and all solid wood generates the tone, this satin finish uke still has some nice visual features, not limited to the stylish headstock. On the back of this are six (naturally enough!) open geared tuners. There is also mahogany binding (though with mahogany back and sides you can barely see this), black and white purfling and a soundhole rosette.

Given there are two extra strings, the extra width of the CK-70A6’s 38mm nut is a handy feature also.

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