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Snail S60C All Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele


The S60C is the latest in the evolution that Snail have been undergoing. The company has been making ukes for several years and they've been gradually upping the stakes in terms of sound quality and finish. This model is all solid, flamed acacia, with lots of lovely visual extras to enjoy. The key though, is the mature, expressive and versatile tone.

This Snail concert isn't a powerhouse in terms of volume, though it isn't quiet. The key is the sweetness, complexity and quite simply, quality of the sound. It is ideal for those looking to improve and experiment with fingerpicking. Not only is it easy to play with a low action, but it encourages you to use the full fingerboard because of the lovely clarity and rich harmonics in the tone. It isn't brash or in your face, but subtle, rich and in possession of lovely sustain. It makes you want to put emotion into your play as it responds so well to variations in volume and style. All in all, that's a lot of words to say 'it's lovely'.

I know it isn’t the headline story, but the comfort edge on this uke is the most attractive I’ve seen. Actually, I tell a lie, the one on my own uke, an Uluru Lehua IIICX is nicer, but that’s at a different price level and shouldn’t distract from this gorgeous ebony feature. Just fantastic!

The Snail S60C concert has a compact slotted headstock, with smooth-turning geared tuners. If they work fine, tuners are tuners, but it is worth mentioning how handsome these are. The orange buttons they have match the pinky orange purfling, which is sandwiched against the red padauk binding with a later of maple. The most striking feature is the large abalone soundhole rosette, which is cleverly asymmetrical, echoing the inlaid Snail logo on the headstock. It looks distinctly far-Eastern, but in an interesting, elegant way.

This concert feels nice in your hands, and requires just the lightest touch to make it sing. It is a step up in price from some of their other models, but they're going about things the right way, improving all the time.

This uke is supplied with a basic gig bag.

In ‘additional info’ below, there’s a video demo of the Snail S60C concert uke.

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