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Snail SUC-M2 Electro Concert Ukulele


This SUC-M2 from snail is great quality solid mahogany top concert electro uke, with an attractive gloss finish. It is equipped with an active pickup with tone and volume controls so you can amplify the really pleasant tone the mahogany produces.

The SUC-M2 has a Snail’s nice looking signature headstock shape, with a maple inlay displaying the company’s logo. The bridge and fingerboard are ebony, and very smooth ebony at that. Together with the fluorocarbon strings and comfortable neck profile, the uke is a nice one to play.

This gloss-finish uke has more brightness than you might expect from mahogany, with some lovely projection and interesting harmonic complexity. It chimes particularly well when strummed.

There’s a basic gig bag supplied too.

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