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Snail SUC-M3 All Solid Mahogany Gloss Uke


This all solid mahogany SUC-M3 concert ukulele from Snail is a reliable, nicely made instrument, with a knockout tone that is an improvement on that delivered by many ukes at a higher price.

The mahogany is quite pale - in its natural state. We've got so used to darkly stained mahogany that we've come to think of that dark colour as being 'mahogany'. This has a nice natural variation in colour, and without being too showy, it looks good under the gloss finish. The back and sides are solid mahogany too. There is some concession towards decoration with a nice abalone soundhole rosette and a hard wood strip down the back.

The ebony used on the interestingly shaped bridge and super-smooth fingerboard is high grade and flawless. The SUC-M3 is fitted with clear monofilament strings and robust chrome geared tuners.

With the gloss finish stiffening the top, and the string selection, the tone takes some warmth from the mahogany and finishes it off with some well projected brightness. When strummed, the sound is really rich and full of harmonic complexity, and while it sings very clearly when picked, perhaps the strength is in the strumming - it really excels in this area.

The SUC-M3 is supplied with a basic gig bag.

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