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Mike Haysom, The Natural Pieces - 10 Challenging Fingerstyle Pieces for High G Ukulele


This a collection of ten challenging pieces by Galloway based ukulele artist, Mike Haysom. These original, beautiful pieces were written for high G tuned ukulele and are notated in easy to read tablature.

They are ideal for intermediate players who want to improve their fingerstyle play. Although the pieces are accessible, when mastered they sound impressive and full of emotion. They also introduce to you many techniques and styles that will enhance your own uke playing, such as hammer-ons, pull-offs, left hand tapping and vibrato.

Details of how to contact Mike for a free audio download of him playing the pieces are available inside the instant download file you'll receive when you order.

You can hear Mike playing at the Ukulele Festival of Scotland by clicking 'additional info' below.

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The Natural Pieces Download 12.jpg
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