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Isuzi KUP-80 Custom Soft Plastic Ukulele Pick

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These are very interesting, soft, flexible plastic picks, designed for ukulele players. It is difficult to describe what the material feels like - a cross between plastic and rubber. Anyway, it is ideal for a ukulele pick, with no 'clack' like with plastic, or dampening like with felt or leather. A noiseless pick.

I realise I am a bit odd. I am sitting with all sorts of gorgeous ukuleles all around me and yet it is this new product that suddenly excites me! I'm about to photograph and review a £1,000 baritone ukulele, then these appear, jump the queue and I'm listing these instead. Anyway, whether that says something strange about me, or about my enthusiasm for these new picks, I don't know!

I have listed options for one pick at £2.99, and two at £4.99, plus options for posting within the EU.

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Isuzi KUP-80 Custom Ukulele Pick.jpg