Soprano Ukuleles

Baton Rouge V2 Sun Soprano Ukulele - Serious Beginner Uke


Over the years I have tried a large number of ukuleles around this pricepoint, from a range of different manufacturers. There are some that are cheaper. There are those that look significantly fancier. But there aren't, in my opinion, any that are better for beginners in terms of set-up, sound and playability than the Baton Rouge V2 Sun Soprano. I suppose what I am saying it, rather than search for reviews and comparisons of different serious beginner models, you can instead take my word for it, having tried 100's and 100's of ukes over a long timeframe, that this one is an excellent choice.

The laminate mahogany body is relatively plain, but has a pleasing pattern in the grain, while the sun motif laser etched around the soundhole elevates this model a little in the visual stakes, without adding lots of extra expense on blingy extras. There are durable geared tuners, a walnut fingerboard and bridge, and Aquila strings fitted as standard.

A key advantage this uke has is the slightly arched back, which takes away any harshness in the tone and colours the tone with some warmth. There's plenty of volume and a nice, vintage-style 'bark', which sounds very impressive at the beginner end of the market.

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