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Kiwaya KSU-1 Soprano Ukulele


Whether you're looking for your first uke, an upgrade from a super-cheapo instrument, a second uke to stash in the boot, a ukulele to take to the beach or on holiday, or you use another size and want a soprano in your arsenal, with the Kiwaya KSU-1 you'll be getting something that sounds SO much better than the price would suggest. The tone is fantastic, bright, powerful and capable of great subtelty if you vary the volume of your strumming. Picked and it is crystal clear. In short, it has a sound of a soprano double its value or more.

So, with such a great sound and a low price-tag, what is the catch? Well, Kiwaya, the famous Japanese uke company have made these under supervision in China - which brings down production costs (and nothing intrinsically wrong with that). Experts in producing great-sounding laminate instruments, Kiwaya have imparted that knowledge to their Chinese facility. Obviously, at such a low cost, the finish of the ukulele is plain, and not as polished as top-level instruments. But if sound is your priority, then a tiny visual defect, a drop of glue inside on the kerfling for example, can be easily forgiven.

The KSU-1 has fluorocarbon strings, a bone nut and saddle, and a black walnut fingerboard, the same material used to add the only bit of visual sparkle, the headstock veneer. It is fitted with good quality geared machineheads too, and comes supplied with a plain black padded gig bag.

I can't think I've ever when I've heard a better ukulele than this for this price, it sounds a real beauty!

Some customer reaction from my first batch: -

“I can’t put it down! I absolutely love it and can’t believe how they do it for the price. It’s so light and well set up it’s an absolute delight to play. If a beginner could be persuaded to part with £99 for their first ukulele they would be hooked for life. Amazing little ukulele.”


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