Soprano Ukuleles

Risa Soprano Black Electro Ukulele Uke Solid Stick


This is the transparent black version of the Risa Soprano, a uke that only comes into stock once in a blue moon - so if you fancy the look of this smart electro soprano, go for it while you can! It is exactly the same specification as their regular soprano.

Risa's European made electro ukuleles are really unusual, but unusually good - such is the great feedback from players. With a super slick playing action that makes them play beautifully, they're the perfect travel companion. And with an undersaddle pickup, they're a real hit with performers too.

Once upon a time, the early Risa solid sticks had different tuners. Somewhere on the internet is a thread saying 'get the one with the new style tuners'... Just to be clear, this is the model with the new planetary style tuners!

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