Soprano Ukuleles

Snail UKS-220E Ebony Soprano Ukulele


This a very pretty, well made soprano uke from Snail, with a lovely, striped ebony veneer. The dark colour of the laminate is very nicely adorned with intricate binding, with matching soundhole decoration. One thing that baffled me for a while (I was being a bit slow), was the designation 220E. E usually means electro in ukulele code language, but in this case, it is just to refer to the ebony used to make the fingerboard and bridge. This is a good upgrade from the rather dry looking walnut that has replaced the traditional rosewood on many ukes.

This is an example of a well made laminate uke, which is still resonant and in possession of a richer tone than you might expect. The Aquila strings are bright and forward, projecting well… but, I have tried this model with fluorocarbon strings and felt that they unlocked the potential of this particular Snail soprano.

The Snail UKS-220E is a decent all-rounder of a uke, ideal for serious beginners who want to invest in something with striking looks, but that still delivers a good sound for the price. It comes equipped with a basic gig bag.

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