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aNueNue SLST Super Lani Solid Top Tenor Ukulele


This aNueNue Super Lani tenor ukulele is a bit of a headturner, with its series of Hawaiian symbols etched around the soundhole, its scallop cutaway and comfort edge (no more red lines on your arm when playing this uke!) Look closer and there's the slotted headstock and interestingly shaped bridge to admire too. But it is unwise to let these visual elements grab you too hard, without knowing that beneath it all, this is a fine sounding ukulele. Looks are a bonus... the sound is crucial!

The aNueNue Super Lani has a very definite sound. Some ukes are difficult to sum up, but this model is definitely bright, sweet and very loud. The solid spruce top has a very fine, tight grain, and this, combined with aNueNue's own (excellent) Clear Water fluorocarbon strings delivers a strong treble response with crisp separation between notes. If you're predominantly a strummer, you're certainly going to be heard with this tenor uke, but if you want to get the best out of it, the Super Lani works best as a lead instrument, with picked melodies. That's not to say you can't strum away to your heart's content, but the crisp precision of each note, the sweet sustain and punch it packs means that for me, it would suit someone who wants to pick tunes, play solos and play further up the neck.

Other features of the Super Lani are laminate koa back and sides which are very striking, a satin finish, rosewood fingerboard and aNueNue branded tuners (which appear identical in design and quality to the identical Grover equivalent). The uke has a 36mm nut making the fingerboard very spacious - again a good indication that the ukulele is intended for a solo picking more so than strumming styles. It certainly plays well and feels comfortable, not feeling at weighty or cumbersome.

If you like a bit of flair alongside a some great, powerful lead-worthy, crisp trebles, which some dusky low end added into the mix, this Super Lani could well be the tenor ukulele for you.

There's a video demo if you click additional information.

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