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Ohana BKT-70G Baritone Body Tenor Ukulele


Is the BKT-70G a baritone ukulele with a tenor scale, or a tenor uke with a baritone body? I am going to with the former, particularly as it is tuned like a regular, high-G tenor. But it is an interesting beast - one I suspect was developed with the mantra of ‘what can we make that even the most avid ukulele collector hasn’t got yet!’

That said, novelty it is not. It really works. The larger body eeks out a lot more depth and warmth, while the solid spruce top ensures there’s a nice sparkle to the treble notes too. In a ukulele market that craves warmth to compensate for the sharper edge to a ukulele’s natural warmth, this is a great way to achieve that tone without breaking the bank on something warm, but top-end. The larger body size is key, and makes a real difference.

The gloss finish is well executed, and the laminate mahogany back and sides have a really nice grain visible too. The slotted headstock, said by some to be better for intonation as a result of the angle the strings sit, is nicely done - even if the jury is still out on that theory. The fingerboard has a very pretty inlay too, while the neck has position markers to compensate for the lack of markers on the fretboard as a result of that decorative touch.

The neck is quite chunky, on the hand-filling side, but to be honest, it is the tone that will have you enjoying this ukulele. Play the BKT-70G for a while and you’ll get a real feel for it, particularly as that golden warmth drifts towards your ears.

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