Tenor Ukuleles

Snail UKT-518E Tenor Ukulele


This Snail tenor has become one of my go-to picks for a tenor ukulele recommendation for beginners who wish to start with something a little nicer than a good quality, but budget model. It isn’t too far removed from them in terms of price, but seems to offer a good deal more refinement - in the standard of finish, the surprisingly mellow tone and the improvement in the out of the box set up.

The construction is all laminate mahogany, which you’d expect at this price - but that isn’t to say it sounds at all boxy. In fact, the tone is full and devoid of the sharp, tinny trebles that some more basic instruments can have. There’s also a very nice ebony fingerboard, Aquila strings, good quality geared tuners and, for decoration, some red tortoiseshell binding (well… imitation shell, no turtles were harmed!)

It represents something that will give any new starter a boost, but also a decent upgrade for anyone who has found they’ve got into the ukulele, but have started out on a very basic uke. Plus, it is a really good value, sensible price - meaning should you decide to upgrade to something fancier in the future, you haven’t spend the earth.

It comes with a basic gig bag too.

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