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This is September 2019’s copy of UKE Magazine, a printed magazine from the UK with a global focus for ukulele players.

In this issue we talk to young phenomenon Feng E., and examine what the future has in store for the ukulele with a series of views presented by festival directors, teachers, artists, club leaders and players. We also continue to help you improve your playing with a selection of top tips from prominent ukulele players and tabs to learn, both for groups and individuals - this time including a song written by Jim Beloff and Lyle Ritz.

The aforementioned Ritz is profiled in our Hall of Fame, and we catch up with Richard Durrant and Track Dogs, who are demonstrating the ukulele’s versatility with their folk and classical styles respectively. Further increasing the variety of styles covered, we also have a profile on drag artist, Amber Sands.

We have a feature on kit that can help you in a ukulele club setting, plus detailed reviews of a selection of mid-range concert ukuleles. We also look beyond the UK’s shore at the European ukulele scene, the Poznan ukulele festival and Polish act, PPNOU. And that’s just some of the features inside another packed issue. While we hope you find it a good read, the real value comes in the tips and advice on improving your technique - cheaper than a lesson or a tuition book, but guaranteed to give you a fresh perspective on things you can do to up your ukulele game.

Independently produced, and beautifully designed, this 60 page publication is the UK’s magazine for ukulele players, with a focus on the British scene, but an outlook that takes in the best of ukulele from around the world.

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