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UKE Magazine Issue Six - June 2016

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Issue 6 is released at the very beginning of June.

We have another fantastic edition in store, with our cover star, Andy Eastwood telling tales of two hundred gigs a year, his early years as the 'only ukulele player in town' and working with showbiz greats.

Tobias Elof also talks to UKE magazine about his experiences with James Hill, Hawaii and his native Denmark. The Ukulele Movement continues around the UK, as well as meeting up with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in Sweden.

There's a report on the Kamaka Factory Tour, the story of Risa, Tinkuleles, lots of baritone ukulele reviews and Pete Howlett's search for a young ukulele sensation to give a ukulele away to.

As well as loads more features, news, gear and interviews, you can also win an Ohana SK-28 and tickets to the Isle of Wight Ukulele Festival.

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