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UKE Magazine Issue 8 - December 2016

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UKE Magazine's 8th issue features the fantastic group from Liverpool, The Ukulele Uff Trio. This is a live act so good, I was happy to give them a quote for their website that read, 'so good, they didn't just get a standing ovation, they got a standing-on-chairs ovation'. We'll get to grips with their vintage style, explore their Merseyside roots and find out what this tremendous band have to come in the future.

We also have interviews with Italy's Francesco Albertazzi, a fabulous player who is a familiar face on the UK festival scene - as well as the creator of a unique ukulele documentary. He's joined in UKE Magazine 8 by the acrobatic, comic duo, Barada Street. They're a blend of laughter and physical feats from an unlikely pairing of an Englishman and a Kyrgyzstani. And next in our series of Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain interviews comes Richie Williams - who sports one of the finest beards in the ukulele world (as well as many other talents and merits!).

The ukulele review section centres on the beautiful instruments made by aNueNue, a real showcase for the best that Asia can produce. If nothing else, you'll be drooling at the pictures of these truly stunning ukes! We also have our regular line-up of uke tabs to learn at home, including an arrangement for three or more players.

We'll also be announcing the next step of the UKE Magazine Awards - with the shortlist of nominations - together with the announcement of voting. Liam Capper-Starr will return with a debate about Low G vs. High G, while Christine Turner will deliver the tips she's gathered on how to evolve ukulele groups.

There'll be a chance to win a new Eden Amplification E-Uke amplifier too, in a new competition. The travelling Bruko continues its journey, on tour with Mike Hind, and there'll be tips on taking your uke abroad and a chat with Dead Mans Uke.

All of this plus loads more features, both regular and new - inside a beautifully presented, full-colour, 60 page magazine.

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