It is here! September's Issue 3 has arrived and subscription copies are in the mail! Landing on doorsteps will be our fabulous, full colour magazine, featuring an in-depth interview with the Director of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, George Hinchliffe. UKE Magazine has the honour of an exclusive feature on the Orchestra as they celebrate their 30th birthday!

There's plenty of gear to size up too, with our in-depth concert electro reviews, as well as a roundup of all the top stuff as chosen by a ukulele dealer. Those wanting to progress in their technique will welcome the return of Phil Doleman and Ben Rouse, as their ukulele tabs seek to push our technique ever forwards! 

As ever, we at UKE Magazine are delighted with the public response to this fully independent publication. From the subscribers to those who have given across-the-board 5-star reviews, we couldn't make this magazine without your input and support. We're really thankful that together, we can continue to make this magazine a success.